Alexandra was fantastic handling my case. Her expertise and dedication were outstanding. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of legal assistance for family matters.

Daniel S

Morgan is the epitome of excellence and professionalism! Not only did she get the OP vacated / dismissed but we were able to pursue the petitioner with attorney fees as well!

Morgan gets the job done – swiftly and professionally!

Jaz M.

I want to express my appreciation for the exceptional work done by Morgan at Taradash Given P.C. She worked day and night negotiating with my former spouse and was a true advocate. Her commitment and dedication to my case did not go unnoticed and I am very grateful for her efforts. Additionally, Morgan considered my finances and was transparent and honest with every decision made. I know for certain I chose the best asset for my team!
Thanks again, Morgan!!

Ashley M.

After having my consultation with Dean, I knew that he was the best for for me! He is compassionate, understanding and fierce. He was always straightforward with me and answered my questions with honesty. My ex was very difficult to work with, but Dean knew exactly how to handle any situations that arose. There were kids involved and the divorce was a nasty battle, but he always handled it with dignity and was always very respectful. He is there for you in the long-run, even after the divorce is finalized. He will continue to answer questions and guide you down the right path. He is amazing in court and always fought for what was right for myself and for the kids. It’s evident that he is in this to seek out what is in the best interests of his client. I highly recommend Dean to anyone that needs help with navigating life during such a hard time!


This was such a challenging process, but it was smooth with Morgan by my side. Even in the midst of her own personal life transitions, Morgan was present, fierce, and flexible. Thanks to Morgan, I was able to take space to heal from a toxic marriage and separation, and get what I could live with from that chapter of mine and my children’s lives. Morgan is so good at what she does, she even kept my ex-husband at bay.

Morgan, and Dean, are an attentive winning team who move with urgency and clarity, being detail-oriented and strategic in the way they handled the multiple layers of my case. From the divorce to child support, Morgan’s communication felt authentic and friendly. She is the one I call. Cheers to you, Morgan!

LaSheena J.

Highly Recommend this Brilliant, Tactful, BEST in Class Attorney!
Dean knows how to fight and get you the positive outcome that you and your family deserve. He knows how to apply the law and is incredible at strategizing. Dean understood the ultimate goal my family had and worked flawlessly to execute it. I was in a difficult situation, and was desperate to find a great, reliable attorney who would not only fight for me but would help resolve an issue that for years threatened the financial future of my only child. I wanted this to be over quickly and for good. After spending sleepless nights researching best divorce attorneys, the stars aligned and I was blessed to find Dean, who never left my side since then. While sifting through several years worth of emails and listening to me sharing every detail of information, Dean was relentlessly patient, took it all in, analyzed it and developed a plan of action. After having attended every hearing for the last seven years, Dean gave me comfort in knowing that I don’t have to be present at a status hearing. He took charge and handled everything. We were dealing with a difficult, uncooperative ex, who wanted only money. Dean saw right through him, and with his unmatched wit, no nonsense approach and incredibly sharp intellect, Dean put an end to the abusive cycle once it for all by tactfully creating a settlement that eventually won back what was rightfully ours. Despite all of his great qualities, Dean is still affordable. I wished I would have met Dean years ago. In just a few months, Dean accomplished what five previous attorneys couldn’t do in seven years. I highly recommend Dean to anyone who’s uncertain about finding a high-quality attorney, to those who have lost hope, to those who are tired of spending their life’s savings on attorneys and having their sanity being dragged through continuances and trivial motions. Dean Taradash is a moral and ethical attorney who is the best advocate you will ever have because he cares about his clients. He has a passion for the job, he is a master at communicating, he is incredibly responsive with a calm and level-headed demeanor and has a trustworthiness and emotional awareness about him like no other attorney I have ever seen. He helped me walk away with my dignity and became an example for my child. Dean changed the course of our lives and he’s got the gift and unmatched talent to change yours.


It was s all good.

Leslie M.

I’m a father of teenage boy, and had been in the long divorce process using another attorney, but switched to Dean Taradash two months ago, and what difference! Fast, efficient , straight forward, honest; no “hidden fees” and other bs that I had to deal with previous one. His team is great too. All the documents, appointments , zoom meetings were on time. Dean keeps in touch and responds immediately, answers your questions and gives you a clear picture and steps of what’s happening next. He moved and finished my divorce in no time. I’m very greatful that it’s over, and me and my son can peacefully move on and leave that horrible experience behind us. I consulted with Dean a year ago and still biting my elbows that did not make switch at that time. Thank you Dean and God bless.

Skiff K.

Dean did a tremendous: honest and efficient from beginning to end. He quoted me a figure at the outset and held to that. He enabled me to achieve the best possible outcome. I am glad that I interviewed many dozens of attorneys, since that effort paid off in that I found the best in his field. He left the opposing attorney weeping when all was said and done.

Tom D.

By far this is the best experience I’ve had! They were considerate of my feelings and misfortune due to my injuries! They always got back to me on the progress of my claim! I would recommend them highly if your looking for a good legal team! Thank you Steve for all your hard work and what you did for me!

Kimberly W.

Nice law firm.

Frank A.

In addition to knowing his stuff, Dean was very supportive during a process that was emotionally difficult. He listened and helped me every step of the way in the divorce process. Dean was very responsive and everything was handled very professionally. Highly recommend.

Angi M.

Dean was so professional in his work and helping me through a rough time with divorce and child support . His experience is 100% top notch and by listening to him and him answering any questions I’ve had he is on top of it. I’m grateful to find Dean representing me and will be happy he finishes my divorce final and getting me to see my 4 kids that I’ve seen only 1 time on 2 yrs. Dean thanks again from the bottom of my heart you are the best attorney ever I’ve known.

Dean S.

I hired them for a divorce. There were no kids or property involved so I was looking to find somebody that could handle this at a more economical rate. I was not disappointed, they helped me get through this hard time by being both professional and friendly. Thank You.

Russell S.

Dean is fantastic. Excellent in front of the Judge.

Kevin B.

A brilliant attorney and a compassionate man.
The rates were very reasonable considering how much effort and time he put in the case. No phone call was left unanswered or unreturned which was very important to me Everything was done effectively and efficiently.
Highly recommended.

Greg J.

Dean is the best family and divorce lawyer and you want him in your team. Dean is helping me get through a very difficult time. Dean is highly effective and competent attorney. He delivers result better than other attorneys and charges many times lower than other attorneys. I have found Dean to be very direct, and he keeps the discussion focused on what is important for the case. Dean knows the law very well, tells you the range of outcome based on law, and doesn’t overpromise. I would highly recommend Dean anyone going through divorce before wasting your money with other attorneys. Also – Dean is always available when I have a question or I need to talk to him.

Atanu G.

Dean and his office staff helped me out when I was in a pinch and it made a world of difference for my confidence going into the courtroom, as well as the results of the ruling. I called his office at the very last minute (irresponsible on my part, but I’m only human) and they were prompt with their reply. I couldn’t be happier with the service and highly recommend working with Mr. Taradash if you’re in need. He’s knowledgeable, professional, and understanding.

Chris C.

Dean was able to do more in 6 months than I was able to get accomplished in 7 years with multiple other lawyers. The Taradash Group balanced real empathy for me personally with a pragmatic and protective approach legally. Because of the tireless and efficient efforts of the Taradash Group I was able to resolve standing issues that had gone on for years and be on a better footing with issues going forward. It is not easy getting through family and domestic issues. Emotions cloud everything for the clients. I am happy to recommend The Taradash Group as they cut through the nonsense and weathered the inevitable sensitivity of the problems you are dealing with.

Derek P.

Great attorney.

Bart M.

Knowledgeable, friendly,affordable,smart -shark in the court room when I need it :-)..One word AMAZING. Everything that you hope to find in the lawyer. I highly recommend Taradash Group.


I would have to say that I’m truly blessed that I found this law firm to represent me. There is just so much to say how good they are. I would not even hesitate at all to recommend The Taradash Group to someone in need of a family/divorce attorney. I would like to say thank you to all at The Taradash Group who worked so hard on my custody case.

Robert C.

I found Dean via google. At the beginning of my divorce I had a fly by night attorney and was at the point where I was in need of a better one and that’s where Dean came in. From the initial consultation I could tell he was caring, well versed and not afraid to go to bat for his client. My proceedings had kind of stalled out prior to retaining his services. He gathered all the information from my previous attorney and reviewed my case and came up with a plan and communicated everything to me. There were a lot of outrageous requests and demands from the other side that he was able to swiftly deal with and have dismissed. To put it simply, he’s an eloquent warrior for his clients who doesn’t back down. If you want a straight shooter who will fight for you and tell you how it is, he is the attorney for you. His communication with his clients is exceptional and you are truly kept informed every step of the way. You feel you have a real voice and all your concerns are met with genuine care. I can’t imagine how much worse my case would have been had I not found him. I’d highly recommend Dean to anyone out there!

Glenn S.

Dean and his firm helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Responsive thorough and thoughtful in all theirs efforts on my behalf.

George N.

Dean Taradash has provided legal representation and guidance during a difficult and painfully long post divorce situation. I found Dean to be experienced, responsive, and knowledgeable. While working with Dean, I can state that I placed my situation in trustworthy hands. He did not steer me wrong during the entire process.

Vesna P.

Dean was remarkable in his ability to navigate me through my particularly difficult divorce. He was able to protect what was important to me and bring it to a close far better and faster than I thought possible. Highly recommended!

Mike E.

He is very expert and excellent in his work.

Dilip P.

From start to finish the Taradash Group was very professional and comfortable to work with!

Mario S.

Dean was referred to me after I had already been through three divorce attorneys (same divorce).
Dean listened to all my concerns He explained what the law is and exactly where I stood. Most of all Dean cared. For the first time through this horrendous process I felt like I had an attorney who was by my side. Dean is professional, ethical, and knows the law!

J Mar

Outstanding attorney! I needed my divorce done and it was handled professionally, expeditiously and I was continually notified of any important updates. All of my primary concerns were addressed and I felt extremely comfortable with how I was treated. Excellent attorney!

Paul G.

Dean is honest, trustworthy, and very straight forward. He is always on top of the game and never misses a deadline. Honorable and knowledgeable. He is a brilliant attorney who sticks to the facts that matter. I’m so happy that we picked Dean for our custody dealings. Wouldn’t have asked for a better attorney.

Tamar B.

I could easily sum this review up by saying, Dean Taradash was a LIFESAVER! But, that wouldn’t be fair, as he deserves more credit than that!

When people share negative experiences after working with attorneys, I always think….I sure got lucky- that wasn’t my attorney! Dean knew the laws, proper processes/protocols, was well respected in the courtroom by both judges/peers, and handled appearances & hearings wonderfully (and no fault to Dean- we had a lot over the years!).

Aside from his legal strengths, Dean is just an all-around “good person” who showed genuine care & concern for our family. I also appreciated the fact he was straight forward and honest with me in regards to our case & when addressing any questions or concerns I had.

In terms of rates/billing, I felt his rates were very reasonable and he was efficient in terms of getting things done. Although we all have bills to pay, I never felt that he was money hungry, or out to milk every cent he could.

Dean was who we needed to represent us—no regrets here. I highly recommend him!

Emily D.

Great firm for all family law related matters. Smart, diligent and responsive team. They’ve represented me for 13 years and have helped me to navigate some difficult divorce and post divorce issues. Would highly recommend!


Dean and his entire team have represented several of our business clients in their marital issues, and they have never disappointed our clients. We have a great deal of confidence in referring our clients to Dean’s team!

George B.

Dean and his team were extremely responsive. If my call wasn’t answered the first time, I heard back within the hour. Any concerns or questions I had regarding my case, Dean, Morgan, and the law clerk, Brianna, made sure to provide a thoughtful explanation in terms that I understood. Dean was strong and stern in the court room- he intimidated my ex, and made me extremely grateful that he was on my side and not the other! What really won me over, though, was his obvious passion for children and justice. 20 out of 10 would recommend Dean and his team for anything pertaining to family law!

Samantha N.

Dean Taradash is truly one of the most professional and passionate family attorneys around. I have known Dean for many years and I am a fellow attorney in Chicago and can say he is the only attorney I would trust for family law issues. I have referred multiple colleagues and friends to him, and they all say he is the best.

He comes highly recommended and will make this difficult time in your life as easy and stress free as possible.

Charles T.

The Taradash Group made a difficult experience as painless as possible. Their knowledge and personal care make all the difference.

Ervin E.

Going through a divorce was a difficult time for me, but Dean really helped me through a difficult time! He was very knowledgeable about the law,and put my mind at ease,and my outcome was extremely successful! I think Dean is a phenomenal attorney and I highly recommend!

Charles T.

We were referred to Dean by someone from my son’s school at the time.. I am very thankful that I was.

At the time I was going through a custody battle with my ex. I wanted to move forward in the new chapter in my life. When I met with Dean he was upfront and honest about everything. He had my son’s best interest at heart throughout the process.

He was there when things got out of hand with my ex. If we called him, he would return our call with in hours or that day for sure.

Dean still represents us when issues arise from time to time with my ex.

I recommend him to anyone.

Tamar Bikoma

Dean was there to help me in one of my most stressful moments in my life. The first time we talked, he promised me he will help me, and he delivered his promise. Financial wise, he understands a person’s economic situation and does his best to help you out with it. He is not just an excellent lawyer, but an excellent person as well. He is very professional and serious about his job and goes above and beyond to help his client.

At one point of my case when I needed to find another lawyer in a different state, he spent an hour to find the best one, and he did!! I would call him on his cell phone all the time, and he was always there to answer my questions. I find myself very lucky to have Dean by my side. In one sentence, if you want justice, go to Dean Taradash. I highly recommend him. I would like to thank him for everything he did for me.

Daniel P.


I would like to sincerely thank you for your expertise in the year and a half of service you provided. You took your time and explained the process of my divorce and made me feel comfortable when I thought things would not go my way in the proceedings. Your professional manner and no nonsense shined in the courtroom which made my representation stronger than my respondent. So when I needed legal counseling for child support modification it was a ‘no brainer’ that I chose your legal team. You handled my modification in less than a two week span (considering hesitant response from ex-wife) and got the results I needed.

Once again, I would like to take this time and say thank you to Dean Taradash and Associates for all you help and I will recommend any family/friends your way if any legal advice is needed.

Jerry Grant

I highly recommend Dean Taradash as a divorce attorney. Dean represented me in my divorce and did an excellent job of navigating me through the process and vigorously defending my and my children’s best interests.

My divorce case was adversarial and complicated – with three minor children in the mix, including one with special needs. Dean was able to quickly grasp the financial and parental complexities of my case and draft and negotiate comprehensive Marriage Settlement and Joint Parenting Agreements that satisfied my objectives.

Dean’s years of experience, responsiveness, knowledge of family law, the court system and judges in Cook County, was invaluable in the successful resolution of my case. Dean continues to represent me as issues involving my ex-spouse and children arise from time-to-time.

Joseph Solari

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