Same-Sex Marriage

A Chicago Family Law Attorney Who Can Help You With Your Same-Sex Marriage

As of 2013, same-sex couples in Illinois enjoy the same rights as opposite-sex couples to get married, and the attendant benefits and responsibilities. If you are considering obtaining a same-sex marriage license, you may want to speak to an experienced Chicago family law attorney to discuss the issues that may arise throughout the process. The Chicago family law firm Taradash Given, P.C., has the experience and dedication you need to feel confident you are being well advised in all your endeavors. Our attorneys have helped countless couples navigate complex family law questions for over a decade, and we stand ready to assist you with you with any legal questions you may have as you contemplate entering a marriage.

Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage and What it Means

For many same-sex couples, the idea of joining in a state-recognized marriage has been a dream that has only recently been able to become a reality. However, like with any marriage, there can be some wrinkles that should be ironed out prior to tying the knot. It may be best to consult an experienced attorney in order to make sure that you are prepared for the following:

  • Will there be a prenuptial agreement specifying any individual assets or how marital assets will be divided upon dissolution of the marriage?
  • Do arrangements need to be made for the custody of any young children?
  • Is either soon-to be spouse receiving maintenance support payments that may end upon re-marriage?
  • Are you and your partner interested in adopting a child either from the United States or a foreign country?

These are all important questions that should be considered prior to entering into an Illinois same-sex marriage.

How to File for a Same-Sex Marriage

Finally, after much too long a wait, after June 1, 2014, there will be no difference in filing for a marriage between a man and a woman or a marriage between two men or two women. This means that the actual process itself is fairly simple. However, as with any other marriage it is important that the spouses-to-be consider important pre-marital issues and speak with an attorney before rushing to the courthouse.

Are You in a Same-Sex Relationship and Looking to get Married?

If you are currently in a same-sex relationship and looking forward to getting married, the Chicago family law firm Taradash Given, P.C. supports you. Taradash Given, P.C. was behind the push for the equality of marriage in Illinois and is proud to have served many same-sex couples even before that victory. When you and your partner are ready to tie the knot, come in and speak to one of our experienced Chicago family law attorneys to make sure everything is in order and to get a head start on planning your future. Taradash Given, P.C. serves clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas, including Lake County, Will County, and DuPage County, and we are ready to meet with you to discuss your same-sex marriage at your convenience. Contact us online, or call (312) 775-1020 to speak with a dedicated same-sex marriage attorney today.

Not Happy With Your Attorney?

It happens every day. Clients going through a divorce, or any family law matter, change lawyers during their case. It’s simply a fact of life. Sometimes the lawyer just doesn’t get the intricacies of divorce court or, perhaps, the client and the lawyer just don’t get along.

Frequently Asked Questions

When going through a divorce, most people don’t know what to expect. From the length of the divorce to the cost and everything in between, there are many unknowns. Relax. This is why it is important to have a seasoned Chicago divorce lawyer representing you.

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Excellent lawyer and a good human being - He was fast, he was empathetic, he was sure about what he was doing, got me my divorce very quickly while I was stuck with another lawyer for 6 months. Very courteous and doesn't try to bluff you.


Dean helped me through one of the worst times of my life. I married my best friend and we had three kids together. After things began to turn for the worst she sought a divorce and began threatening to withhold my children from me. She then kicked me out of our home. This became a nasty divorce and...


In addition to knowing his stuff, Dean was very supportive during a process that was emotionally difficult. He listened and helped me every step of the way in the divorce process. Dean was very responsive and everything was handled very professionally. Highly recommend.

Angi M.

By far this is the best experience I’ve had! They were considerate of my feelings and misfortune due to my injuries! They always got back to me on the progress of my claim! I would recommend them highly if your looking for a good legal team! Thank you Steve for all your hard work and what you did...

Kimberly W.

I want to express my appreciation for the exceptional work done by Morgan at Taradash Given P.C. She worked day and night negotiating with my former spouse and was a true advocate. Her commitment and dedication to my case did not go unnoticed and I am very grateful for her efforts. Additionally...

Ashley M.

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