How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

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Everyone knows that divorce can be expensive. One of the best ways to reduce the cost is to work with a mediator.

Divorce mediation is a process where a neutral third party, known as a mediator, helps separating couples (married and unmarried) reach agreements on issues of child custody (parenting time and decision-making), division of assets, and financial support. Unlike traditional divorce proceedings where decisions are often made by a judge, mediation empowers the couple to communicate directly and create their own tailor-made plan.

The mediation process is usually much cheaper than the traditional litigation route where two lawyers engage in a back and forth of exchanging documents and settlement proposals and engage in expensive court proceedings. Picture a game of telephone and how garbled the message is at the end of it. Wouldn’t it be better to sit at the same table and just talk to each other directly with a professional guiding the way?

This cost savings for clients is one of the biggest reasons Morgan Given started her mediation practice. After watching too many couples dwindle their savings through the court process, she was drawn to mediation as a way to help prevent that. She feels passionately about helping people save money in the divorce process.

So, how much does mediation in a divorce or custody case actually cost? Several factors impact how much divorce mediation will cost, including:

1) The number of issues that you need to work out with your spouse or partner.
2) The complexity of the issues that you are deciding.
3) How prepared YOU are.
4) Whether or not you use a private mediator or a free mediator provided through the court.

  1. The number of issues that you need to work out with your spouse or partner. Some couples come to mediation with just one issue, say how much should maintenance be? Some couples need to mediate dozens of issues related to parenting time, child support and division of assets and more. The amount of issues that need to be decided impacts the cost.
  2. The complexity of the issues that you are deciding. Do you or your spouse own businesses or several pieces of real estate? Are there challenging logistics at play like complicated work schedules or a long distance between the parents’ homes? The level of complexity of each issue will impact the total cost of mediation. However, these issues are also uniquely well suited to mediation because you have more information than anyone else about your particular situation. If you were to ask a judge to come up with a parenting schedule on the spot, he or she would not know the intricacies of the kids’ and parents’ schedules the way that you do.
  3. How prepared YOU are. This is a factor that is often overlooked. If you and your spouse come to mediation prepared you will save a great deal of money. As a mediator, Morgan’s approach is to assign “homework” to each spouse in advance of each session such as collecting financial documents, reviewing a proposal in advance, or consulting with an appraiser. This leads to a more productive session and a much lower overall cost.
  4. Whether or not you use a private mediator or a free mediator provided through the court. Some counties offer a form of free mediation. These are typically limited to two sessions and only address issues related to parenting time and decision-making (what we used to call custody). The court-provided mediators will not address financial issues like child support or the division of marital property and will typically not allow attorneys to participate in the sessions. For some couples, the free mediation service is absolutely the way to go. In situations where you want to move quickly, address financial or more complex parenting issues or involve your attorneys in the mediation session, you will likely want to consider a private mediator.

So, what is the actual cost? The “typical” mediation case that we handle costs around $2,000-$6,000, with that cost split between the couple. If you are interested in exploring mediation, contact our office to schedule a free consultation with Morgan Given.

Not Happy With Your Attorney?

It happens every day. Clients going through a divorce, or any family law matter, change lawyers during their case. It’s simply a fact of life. Sometimes the lawyer just doesn’t get the intricacies of divorce court or, perhaps, the client and the lawyer just don’t get along.

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When going through a divorce, most people don’t know what to expect. From the length of the divorce to the cost and everything in between, there are many unknowns. Relax. This is why it is important to have a seasoned Chicago divorce lawyer representing you.

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Excellent lawyer and a good human being - He was fast, he was empathetic, he was sure about what he was doing, got me my divorce very quickly while I was stuck with another lawyer for 6 months. Very courteous and doesn't try to bluff you.


Dean helped me through one of the worst times of my life. I married my best friend and we had three kids together. After things began to turn for the worst she sought a divorce and began threatening to withhold my children from me. She then kicked me out of our home. This became a nasty divorce and...


In addition to knowing his stuff, Dean was very supportive during a process that was emotionally difficult. He listened and helped me every step of the way in the divorce process. Dean was very responsive and everything was handled very professionally. Highly recommend.

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By far this is the best experience I’ve had! They were considerate of my feelings and misfortune due to my injuries! They always got back to me on the progress of my claim! I would recommend them highly if your looking for a good legal team! Thank you Steve for all your hard work and what you did...

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I want to express my appreciation for the exceptional work done by Morgan at Taradash Given P.C. She worked day and night negotiating with my former spouse and was a true advocate. Her commitment and dedication to my case did not go unnoticed and I am very grateful for her efforts. Additionally...

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